Jules is a non-binary model, public speaker, LGBTQIA+ awareness trainer, mental health advocate, social campaigner and freelance writer. As one of the faces of Harrods' H Beauty campaign they feature in online, social media and marketing campaigns as well as in-store at various 'H Beauty' locations nation-wide. Jules talks very publicly and openly about their experiences hoping to raise awareness of gender diversity and promote trans inclusivity and equality. As a consultant they regularly contribute to international media, including having written for the likes of Cosmopolitan UK, they are regularly interviewed on BBC Radio and have been invited as guest on major podcast series including ‘Out with Suzi Ruffell’, one of The Guardian’s ‘Pick of the Week’ during COVID19 lockdown, featuring alongside award winning celebrities and spokespeople in the LGBTQIA+ community.


They started professionally public speaking in 2013 advocating for conversations around mental health and resilience in Britain's schools. They worked with the Amy Winehouse Foundation in the charity's early days and soon became a professional consultant, travelling to the countries top independent and state schools across the Europe. As they expanded their career they branched into corporate training with companies such as American Express and one of the world's leading financial consultancy firms, Deloitte. They run workshops, training as well as mentoring, offering emotional support to young people from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. They provide a range of workshops including Trans Awareness & Gender Diversity, LGBTQIA+ Awareness, Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Misuse, Self-Esteem, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self-Harm, Peer Pressure and Bullying. They been featured in Vogue Business, BBC News Beat, BBCthree, Vice, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Refinery29 and more...

Photography Credit: James Pearson-Howes

Harrods 'H Beauty'